What to Expect from a Roof Inspection in Battle Creek

You just contacted Sherriff-Goslin for a free roof inspection in Battle Creek. What happens next? What can you expect to receive and how will this help you in making decisions regarding roof repair or replacement? First, Sherriff-Goslin will schedule your roof inspection promptly. We feel this is a good way to show our customers what to expect from our roofing company once it’s time to repair or replace their roof.

The inspection visit will be thorough and complete. While with some roofs it’s obvious from the ground that shingles need to be replaced, a quality inspection can only be completed from the roof. The inspector needs to view all roofing materials, flashings, connecting structures, valleys, peaks, chimneys, vents, etc. This helps eliminate surprises and additional cost once the project is underway. Most inspections will also include a visit to the attic to check for leaks or needed decking repairs.

Once your roof inspection is complete, Sherriff-Goslin may provide you with an estimate on the spot, but will most likely return an inspection report along with an estimate of roof repairs or roof replacement if any, within a few days. The process normally takes a day or more because we must confirm current pricing, materials availability, resource scheduling and other factors that come to bear on the proposal for roofing materials and services.

After the roof inspection, you can expect an itemized breakdown of exactly what services, roofing materials and other repairs such as decking, flashing, drip edge will be needed for the job. The inspection report will include prices for labor and materials, time frames for completing the project, and other important info such as product recommendations, an opportunity to select products, and available guarantees and warranties.

If you’re in need of a free roof inspection in Battle Creek fill out this form or call Sherriff-Goslin today to schedule.