Walloon Lake Retreat

The late 19th century saw a surge of tourism in the picturesque village of Walloon Lake, just south of Petoskey in northern Michigan. The original Hotel Walloon was built across the street from the lakeshore and was a popular destination for vacationing families, especially during warm summer months.

Eventually, the surrounding area became a permanent home to seasonal regulars who became enthralled by the beauty and serenity of Walloon Lake.

A Plan Comes Together

The construction of a new Hotel Walloon began in 2014 when Wolgast Corp. accepted real estate developer Jonathon L. Borisch’s contract to recreate the quaint elegance of Walloon Lake’s 1890s charm with a building modeled after the original structure.

In an effort to maintain a sophisticated appearance of the roof, Wolgast contacted Sherriff-Goslin Roofing Company about its patented Art-Loc® interlocking shingles.

Matt Williams of Sherriff-Goslin Roofing’s Grand Rapids branch became involved in the Hotel Walloon project right at the beginning. New construction jobs are rare for the Grand Rapids branch, which mostly takes on roof replacement projects and roof repairs. Williams was excited to get a chance at a high-profile new construction job.

With the help of coworker Alex Emery from the commercial division, Williams took scale measurements to develop a quote. The parties reached an agreement and work was scheduled to begin in August 2014.

Fraught With Difficulties

Construction had barely begun when delays started occurring. The first involved the building’s foundation, which needed more strengthening than expected because of its proximity to the lakeshore.

The hotel project suffered other delays in construction, pushing the roof work back. Williams and his crew had to put WeatherMaster® underlayment down in September to keep the roof deck dry until they could install the roof. Finally, in November, the shingle installation was completed.

Mark Williams, manager of the Grand Rapids branch and Matt’s dad, coordinated the work schedules to prevent delays and strove to get the job done before the weather became worse.

Once the project got under way (the day after the first snowfall of the year), the job took a week to complete. The steep roof needed two 60-foot lifts for safety, one of which got stuck in the mud until workers figured out how to pull it out.

Wind chills in the negatives caused additional problems for the crew. Equipment had to be kept indoors to prevent it from freezing.

The Crew Prevails

Despite all of the delays and difficulties, the crew successfully completed the job. Williams and his crew installed 68 squares of Hunter Green Art-Loc® diamond-shaped shingles over WeatherMaster® Granular Ice & Water Shield Underlayment.

They also installed eve and rake starter strips, drip edge, WeatherMaster® Granular Ice Guard, 50 feet of metal valleys behind the turrets and cap shingles on the hips.

To Williams and his crew, the difficulties of the job were minor and the sunsets over Walloon Lake each day were spectacular.

The nearby Walloon Village General Store also managed to win the crew over with its exclusive Wallooner grilled meat and cheese sandwiches.

The Finished Product

Walloon Lake Village suffered from the 2008-10 recession like other resort towns, but Borisch set out to revitalize the quaint, lakeside town where he had spent his childhood. Since the completion of the new Hotel Walloon, businesses and visitors are returning to the lake.

Hotel Walloon offers 32 luxurious rooms. Guests can step out onto their balconies to view the scenery or congregate in the common sitting areas or billiards room.

Next door, the Barrel Back Restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind, “open-air” dining experience. Guests can shop in Walloon Lake’s Pop Up Shops across the street or at the long-standing Walloon Village General Store.

Boating, fishing and swimming are favorite activities for Hotel Walloon guests in the summer months, while ice fishing, snowmobiling and skiing present opportunities for fun and adventure during the winter.

Sherriff-Goslin Stands Ready

Sherriff-Goslin’s professional roofing experience spans more than 100 years. Our skilled roofing professionals have experience in commercial projects, such as Hotel Walloon, as well as residential roofs, farm structures and churches.

Sherriff-Goslin is equipped to handle re-roofing jobs, new construction and complete roofing systems. For a detailed roofing estimate or a roof inspection, speak with a roofing expert at Sherriff-Goslin Company today.