Sherriff-Goslin, the Premier Cold Weather Roofing Contractor in Battle Creek

Many homeowners have had to deal with roof issues. Oftentimes these issues start out small, and when unaddressed, turn into much larger, and more costly, problems. We have found that in quite a few of these cases, homeowners have allowed the issue to continue into winter and believed they would have to wait until spring to address their problems. Fortunately, Sherriff-Goslin, the premier cold weather roofing contractor in Battle Creek, knows that that’s not the case!

As Michiganders, we know that winter weather can be extreme due to the lake effect and latitude of our great state. Because of the often-extreme conditions we experience, installing traditional fiberglass shingles is just not going to cut it. Instead, it’s a good idea to install SBS enhanced roofing shingles. SBS, which stands for Styrene Butadiene Styrene, provides asphalt shingles with enhanced flexibility and strength beyond what’s available in standard fiberglass shingles. SBS, a thermoplastic rubber, modifies the properties of the asphalt in today’s modern shingles. These rubberized ingredients are beneficial as they create a noticeably more elastic shingle in frigid temperatures than their standard fiberglass counterparts. Besides increased flexibility, they also feature a number of additional advantages, including superior wind resistance and impact resistance!

When a roofing issues comes up, they need your attention, no matter the time of year (yes, that includes the cold, snowy winters that you’ll find in Battle Creek). If you find yourself in this situation, there is no one more trusted – and proven – to call than the roofing experts at Sherriff-Goslin. So, don’t allow your seemingly small problems become a winter disaster, instead request a free roof inspection and roof estimate right away. As your cold weather roofing contractor in Battle Creek, we look forward to helping you no matter the season.