Roof Protection with Class 4 Shingles from Your Battle Creek Roofing Company

Each year, thousands of homeowners lose their roofs to hail and wind damage because their roof is not durable enough. This can be prevented. A roof built with quality construction materials including durable shingles and installed by Sherriff-Goslin, your Battle Creek roofing company, will have a good chance of staying intact during severe weather.

Creating the Rating

Advances in roofing technology are important because your roof is the one component of a house that must provide protection to all who live under it as well as your possessions. Shingle aesthetics are to be considered, but strength is essential as the roof is the crown of the residence.

In 1996, a roof classification system was put into place by insurers that is still the national standard. It rated roofing materials from Class 1 through 4, with a Class 4 rating being the toughest. Resistance to impact testing which uses steel balls simulating 90-mph hailstones of varying sizes, determines the rating.

Among all the installed roof system components, a Class 4 shingle could best determine if a roof system will withstand the force of hurricane wind conditions. A Class 4 impact resistance rating indicates that the shingle should withstand damage by hailstones up to two inches in diameter.

More than Hail Protection

Class 4 shingles can do more than protect a roof from the infrequent impact of hail. More often than hail, a roof can be struck by wind-driven debris, such as tree branches. It must also stay intact in the face of hurricane-force winds and hold up under the weight of excess snow and ice. A Class 4 shingle offers the best possible protection from these elements.

Some Class 4 shingles are made with Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS), a rubberized polymer that makes a more durable and longer lasting shingle. This rubber-like quality keeps hail from fracturing the shingle and causing deterioration. This flexibility also makes the shingles more wind resistant and far less likely to be blown off in high winds.

To learn more about Class 4 shingles and SBS, contact Sherriff-Goslin, your Battle Creek roofing company today.