Battle Creek Weather Risks and Your Roof

Everyone knows that high winds from a storm can cause extensive damage to an entire roof system. While hurricanes aren’t a problem in the Midwest, hurricane force winds from heavy storms can sometimes last for minutes and a tornado can leave its mark in seconds. When these extreme conditions strike unexpectedly there really is little that can be done to avoid the damage that results to any area of the property, including the roof structure. When heavy weather conditions strike, a call to your insurance company and a free roof inspection and roof repair estimate from an experienced, reliable roofing company in Battle Creek, like Sherriff-Goslin will have your home together in no time.

When it comes to weather conditions and your roof there are more subtle occurrences that can take place over time which, if not attended to in the short term, can lead to costly repairs. Many of these less obvious roof damages are difficult to spot unless you know what to look for. Sometimes there are loose shingles along the edges of the roof that blow up during a storm. Since you’re inside during the storm you don’t notice. When you view the roof shingles on a sunny day they appear to be laying well and sealed.

During the winter ice and snow also build up on the roof surface near the eaves, on peaks and in valleys. If the roof is properly ventilated this build up should disappear consistently on its own. If it’s not, some of the material surfaces that don’t receive sunlight remain built up or frozen. If new snow or ice build up and push the already frozen layers up underneath the shingles – damage can result. Again, you may not notice this immediately because it’s out of sight.

If you’re in need of a roofing company in Battle Creek, contact Sherriff-Goslin today! We’ve been a trusted roofing company for more than 100 years and have roofed thousands of homes throughout the Midwest.